COVID-19 | Your Safety And Health Is Our Priority

Dear Valued Patients,

As a small, privately-owned dental office we want to reassure you, our patients, that your safety and health are ALWAYS our priority. We are fanatics about cleanliness and infection control every day, and going forward will be no different. With this year’s cold and flu season taking the spotlight in the news, we want to reassure you, with confidence, you are in good hands. Remember, we always washed our hands, wore masks and gloves and disinfected surfaces Before COVID-19; and we will continue to do the same During, and After COVID-19.

We have always taken a proactive and vigilant approach to patient safety, and want to make sure your oral health does not suffer while we all weather this situation. Our office will remain open to meet your dental needs, however, we will be taking our cues for closure from the CDC, ADA (American Dental Association) and Department of Health and Human Services, and will let you know immediately if these circumstances change.

In the meantime, for the next 2-weeks our office will not enforce our missed appointment policy. You do not have to disrupt your regular orthodontic schedule with Dr. Cathy Wiltshire at Straighten Up Orthodontics. Keeping yourself healthy (that means taking care of problems in your mouth too) will keep your risk of overall illness low. Also, take this time to visit your general dentist for your regular cleaning or to care for any dental health concerns.

How we’ve ALWAYS managed your health:

Before and After Every Patient:

  • Treatment areas are sanitized and wiped with OSHA-approved cleaning products.
  • Strict adherence to hand washing protocol; procedures are constantly audited.
  • Instruments are sterilized after each patient as usual.
  • Dry heat sterilization is closely monitored via OSHA-approved spore testing.
  • Our adherence to OSHA protocol is always followed. We wear Personal Protective Equipment every day. We assume all patients are infected and treat everyone appropriately to protect ourselves (and patients.)
  • Our goal is zero transmission of anything, to anyone, every visit, every day.

Several Times Every Day:

  • Waiting areas are sprayed and wiped, and surfaces are cleaned, including doorknobs, chair armrests, handles and counters. (We even wipe down the toys!)
  • Patients and staff who have traveled, or are sick are kept home or rescheduled.
  • We will make every effort to prevent a “crowd” in our waiting area (doesn’t happen very often) and provide options to maintain “Social Distancing” if necessary. Call us!

Important Things To Remember:

Regular personal hygiene is all of our best defense against illness. This includes washing hands, brushing teeth, flossing and eating a healthy diet. It includes regular dental cleanings, keeping your orthodontic treatment visits and checkups with your general dentist. Delaying necessary health care is not advised. Your oral health is tied to your body health.

Please be proactive to take care of yourself, and be assured that we have you covered.

Practice the following:

  • Regular hand washing (soap and water.)
  • Don’t touch your face! Eyes, nose, mouth, etc… Just don’t!
  • Listen to State, National, and World health professionals – follow their advice and avoid misinformation from untrusted sources!
  • We can ALL do our part to STAY HEALTHY and avoid spreading this illness.

Other facts and quick tips:

  • Children are the least affected by COVID-19.
  • The vast majority of the population has a low risk for becoming seriously ill.
  • Older people have a higher risk for becoming seriously ill. Call us with your concerns!
  • People of any age with serious health problems are also at a higher risk.

PLEASE: If you feel sick, stay home. We are happy to reschedule you at your convenience.


Dr. Cathy Wiltshire & The Straighten Up Orthodontics Team