Corona Virus Covid19 Update Telehealth Appointments

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update & Telehealth Appointments – April 17, 2020

During this challenging time, Dr. Wilsthire and the Straighten Up Orthodontics team is committed to providing you with comprehensive and compassionate orthodontic treatment.  

In an effort to continue this care we ask that you submit the following information to our e-mail (straightenuporthodontics@gmail.com) so our doctor can view your bite, provide feedback regarding any concerns, and schedule a tele-appointment if further care is needed. Please review the video below and follow the provided instructions: 


If you have a question that requires showing us your teeth, but feel a little awkward about a video appointment with the orthodontist, you can always email us photos. We have provided a guide with SIX example photos. Email (straightenuporthodontics@gmail.com) us these 6 photos along with the FULL NAME of the patient and your question.


  • Use 2 kitchen spoons to retract your cheeks! The concave portion should be the part that touches your cheeks.
  • It’s easier to do this with a partner, but you can also do this with a front facing camera, and set the auto timer! (That’s how we took the example photos.)
  • Turn the flash on, and make sure the TEETH are in focus!
  • Feel free to crop your photos, just make sure you leave the lips in the photo

Refer to the video or the photo guide for additional assistance to capture the best photos!

Telehealth Appointments Guide for Straighten Up Orthodontics Silver Spring MD