Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces in Silver Spring MD: Discreet Orthodontic Treatments

  Don’t let all that metal get in the way of your ever-improving smile! With ceramic braces, Silver Spring, MD patients of Straighten Up Orthodontics can get all the teeth-straightening benefits of traditional braces, but without that “metal mouth” appearance!   If you’re curious about ceramic braces, call Straighten Up Orthodontics to schedule a FREE consultation.

How Ceramic Braces Work

In place of metal, ceramic braces use either a clear or tooth-colored ceramic material for the brackets. This makes the brackets blend in seamlessly with the shade of your teeth. Like traditional braces, ceramic braces are still held in place with a thin archwire and elastics. Although, clear elastics are often chosen since they help to maintain the illusion of having no brackets at all.

Since clear ceramic braces are a more discreet form of orthodontic treatment — compared to traditional braces — they are often preferred by teenagers and adults. But, how do they stack up compared to traditional metal braces? Read on to find out.

Ceramic Braces vs. Metal

In terms of pure functionality, ceramic braces and metal braces are virtually identical.  But, here are a few points you’ll want to consider before you select ceramic braces:

Ceramics are more fragile:

Ceramic is tough, but it’s not “tough as steel.” Therefore, you will need to be more cautious when wearing ceramic braces, and this means being even more vigilant in keeping away from hard and sticky foods.

They’re slightly bigger:

Many are surprised to find that clear ceramic brackets are a bit larger than traditional, metal bracket-style braces. Larger brackets means more surface area to clean and more places where food particles can get trapped.

A little more expensive:

As a specialty item, ceramic braces are slightly more costly than traditional metal varieties. If you are concerned about the cost difference between traditional braces and ceramics, please reach out to us. Straighten Up Orthodontics has several different financing options available to patients.

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