Straighten Up Orthodontics

Straighten Up Orthodontics is a leading provider of Invisalign® treatments, ceramic and traditional braces, as well as functional appliances. At our Silver Spring practice, patients have access to the latest orthodontic treatments and technologies, as well as a highly dedicated staff.

We know there is no “one-size-fits-all-solution” when it comes to achieving the ideal smile. And, oral health goals can vary from patient to patient. Therefore, we will work with you to find a treatment plan that suits your treatment goals and budget.

To see which orthodontic treatment is right for your smile goals, contact us for a free consultation!

Traditional Braces

Although there are advances in new orthodontic treatments, traditional braces still provide the best solution for those dealing with complex teeth placements. Likewise, braces generally work faster when closing gaps and aligning teeth compared to aligners.

Invisalign® Treatments

Straighten your teeth without all those brackets and wires… with Invisalign® treatments! We proudly offer Invisalign® treatments and FREE consultations.

Invisalign Teen®

Invisalign Teen® includes teen-specific features such as extra aligner trays and eruption tabs to make way for erupting teeth.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the foundation of modern orthodontics and still one of the best choices when it comes to correcting crooked and misaligned teeth.

Ceramic Braces

Get all the benefits of traditional braces but in a way that’s clearly more discreet.


You may be done with braces, but your treatment isn’t quite finished. Read up on retention and why retainers are so important.

Functional Appliances

From custom head gear to palatal expanders, Straighten Up Orthodontics will assist with finding the perfect solution for your teeth straightening.

Serving Silver Spring, Maryland for More Than 10 Years

For more than 10 years, Straighten Up Orthodontics has provided teeth-straightening treatments to patients in the Washington, D.C.—Silver Spring area. We are proud to offer orthodontic services for patients of all ages. No referral is necessary to get started with orthodontics. Contact us today.