Holiday Candy You Can Eat With Braces

At Straighten Up Orthodontics in Silver Spring Maryland, we are all familiar with the sweets and treats that the holiday season brings. From the pumpkin shaped candies and cookies in October, to the red-and-white striped candy canes and gingerbread houses in December; there are a lot of events and celebrations to attend where candy and … Read more

How To Brush Your Teeth With Braces

brushing teeth with braces

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels Although now your teeth might look like a complex object with your freshly installed braces, brushing your teeth with braces is not completely different than brushing your teeth before. For example, it’s still best practice to brush your teeth twice a day (aim for two minutes or more), and a good practice … Read more

Getting Braces: The Cost and What To Expect

Woman smiling with braces | Straighten Up Orthodontics Silver Spring Maryland

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio  Dr. Wiltshire and the team at Straighten Up Orthodontics have been providing professional orthodontic treatments to patients in the Silver Spring, Maryland area for more than 10 years. With braces being a popular treatment option for adults and children, they are a great option for those seeking a teeth straightening treatment … Read more